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Pioneer on a Mountain Bike: Eight Days Through Early American History

Discover a time and place jam-packed with raids and river armadas, real estate speculators and rebellions, religious revivals and rags-to-riches entrepreneurs.

In a journey that combines time travel with adventure, cyclist Dianne Fallon takes readers to the early America she discovers on a 400-mile trek from New York to Maine.

In uncovering the stories beneath the tarmac, Pioneer on a Mountain Bike brings history to life. Readers will take away a fresh understanding of early America and the urge to plot their own journeys along forgotten back roads.

You can purchase print copies of my books at this website, or at Riverrun Bookstores (Portsmouth, N.H. and Kittery, Maine) and other selected independent bookstores.

Kindle and print editions available at  Preview available at

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