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My posts related to the history of the Maine-NH Seacoast region, and sometimes obscure stories from other places in New England. Also, at the bottom of the page, some links to other blogs focused on local history.

The Tragedy of the Waitresses: A 1902 boating accident claims 14 lives at the Isles of Shoals

Fragments of history: When the KKK came to Kittery, Maine

Lives lived, and lost, at the Kittery Town Forest: the Town “Poor Farm”

Remnants of the Gilded Age at Brave Boat Harbor (Kittery Point, Maine)

Skulls of history in a forgotten tomb: William Pepperrell, Kittery Point, Maine

Snowmageddon, 2015? Remembering the winter of 1716-17

A different kind of Groundhog Day: The Candlemas Massacre (York, Maine)

Nathaniel Sparhawk and the art of swagger (Kittery Point, Maine)

Globalization, circa 1807, curses the Lady Pepperrell House (Kittery Point, Maine)

The ghost of a Pepperrell Lady (Kittery Point, Maine)

Governor John Wentworth and the Tea Party that wasn’t (Portsmouth, NH)

A ghostly perspective on Fort Constitution and Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse (Portsmouth, NH)

On bridges and the Jet Set (PK & Y trolley, Kittery, Maine)

Why I go to church on Christmas Eve (Kittery Point, Maine)

Time traveling, sea to summit, in the woods of York, Maine

Travels on the White Rose Road to Orris Falls (South Berwick, Maine)

Searching for the lost village of Punkintown (on conservation land in Eliot, Maine)


Blogs focused on Maine and New Hamsphire history (an ever-evolving list)

Mike in New Hampshire

Seacoast History Blog at SeacoastNH.com

Cow Hampshire: New Hampshire’s History blog









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