Greatest hits

The following posts, all of them focused on Maine, are the “greatest hits” of my blog, with the most views and readers over time.  I think these posts are popular because several feature offbeat places and topics that aren’t commonly discovered on the internet. Enjoy! 

The town at the end of the world: Lubec, Maine

White elephant in a green valley: Evergreen Valley, Maine

Cat vs. Camel: An epic battle on Mount Washington provides an opportunity to write about Marty

A different kind of Groundhog Day: The Candlemas Massacre (in York, Maine)

Nathaniel Sparhawk and the art of swagger (in Kittery, Maine)


4 Responses to Greatest hits

  1. G. Berry says:

    Happy to see the article about Evergreen Valley Inn. I live exactly one mile from the Inn and have a blog about our life here.

  2. I hope you are cozy this winter up in Kezar/Evergreen. Thanks for stopping by!

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